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                      Bottle/Can Cooler CC45

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Aviator Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Bud Light Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Coke Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00

Coors Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Dasani Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Miller Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Puncher Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Pabst Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Pepsi Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00

Pure Life Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Red Bull Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00
Yuengling Bottle/Can
Cooler CC45
Price: $585.00

The CC45 Cooler boasts the following features: Distinguished design Integrated fan Silk-printed scratch-resistant surface Transparent and self-closing lid Adjustable thermostat

A transparent and self-closing lid provides easy access to your choice of beverage or cold drinks at the right temperature. The CC45 cooler comes standard with an easy to use adjustable thermostat which chills all beverages and is attuned to all climates. The can cooler is an environmentally friendly option and sound investment due to its very low energy consumption.

The CC45 works off standard electrical power supply and is ideal for party entertainment, product promotions, boating, camping and fishing.

Temperature range, celcius 2 to 8
Temperature range, Fahrenheit 36 to 46
Gross capacity (L) 46
Gross capacity (cu. ft.) 1.6
Net capacity (L) 45
Net capacity (cu. ft.) 1.6
Bottle Capacity: 0.5 Lt PET Bottles 32
Can Capacity: 12 Fl Oz Cans 44
Power Consumption / 24hr period (approx)***  
Energy consumption 24H (kWh)
R134a / R600a
0.38 / 0.32
Rated load, W 100
Energy Sources: Electric Mains:115 Volt / 60 Hz
Height (mm) 825
Diameter (mm) 454
Net weight, kg 24
Height (ft) 3.05
Diameter (ft) 1.50
Net weight (lbs) 53
ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 CERTIFIED  


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